are kite.

And we think a sales agency
should aim higher.

The best sales results are delivered by people having real conversations. And the best ones begin with understanding people and appreciating them. After all, people like being treated fairly, openly and honestly. That’s how we fly.

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We live to create new customers for our customers.

In a past life, our clients would ask us to support their direct selling activities. We found that giving people a genuine, valued experience was the best way to start a sales conversation.

Good people appreciate the good in people. And from our experience, they also make the best sales people.

Better people, better sales. Shouldn’t sales be better? We think so.

kite is always looking for new pilots to take our business higher.

Here, you’ll be trained by the best in the business. You’ll travel far and wide. And you’ll get to do what you love: bringing out the best in people.

What’s more, you’ll get to work with a crew of like-minded individuals who have your back. Some will become life-long friends. Many will feel like family. And we promise you, if great people are your thing, it’ll never feel like work.

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Do you
live to raise
people up?

Then join our team.


take us higher.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve been asked what our secret is.
answer is simple: people.

We love people. And when you walk into the kite offices, it’s the first thing you notice.

We love the people we’re fortunate enough to call our clients. We love the people we go out and meet every day. And we love the family of colleagues we get to work with.

So now you know our secret. Surround yourself with great people and there’s no limit to how high you can fly.


We're connoisseurs of people, guided by purpose.

Our understanding of human behaviour runs deep.
 Each of our interactions is shaped by 30 years of experience and data. We even apply neuroscience to understand what motivates human desire.
 The result creates value in the lives of our clients and their customers.

What We Offer

Some agencies have a "suite" of services.

We have a fleet.
kite insights
We create meaningful sales conversations using Science of Emotion™,
 a proprietary methodology so effective, we trademarked it.
kite manoeuvres
We deliver strategic guidance on everything from consumer journeys to creating custom tech.
kite string
Our quality control toolkit ensures the integrity of the conversations we have on your behalf.
kite squadron
Our extraordinary family of trained ambassadors spans North America.
kite training
The best you’ll find anywhere. We prepare our people to represent your brand with intelligence, integrity and care.
kite safety
Our products and services ensure proper data-keeping and CASL compliance.
kite flight
With the guidance of intuitive technology, we dispatch the ideal people for the job, at the best time and place.


Didn't think a kite
could reach the galaxy?
This one does.

175 Galaxy Blvd #202
Toronto, ON
M9W 0C9

T +1 416 674 9010
F +1 416 674 9011
1550 Wewatta St., 2nd floor
Denver, CO